Welcome to the Inapub API!

NEWS – we’ve just launched our Version 3 API which allows writing to Inapub®.

For those of you who don’t know what Inapub® is, we are the leading source of pub information so whether you want to find out which pubs serve food, show football on TV, have live music or serve a particular beer…we have the answer!
Using this API you can access and update the information held on Inapub®

Please use our sandbox plan for your testing and then once ready apply for a live plan. You can either choose a live unlimited plan which will be billed based on your monthly use in arrears or our limited monthly plan for low volume applications.

We ask that you don’t do anything which breaks our content policy or terms and conditions – although please talk to us (apisupport@Inapub.co.uk) if something in there concerns you!. We also ask that you clearly reference where the information has come from.

To get access to our data, sign in and apply for a key telling us how you plan to use the information.